LMGi Mission: "To distribute truth, honesty, and reality to the general public through education and outreach."

Loop Media Group Incorporated (LMGi) is a registered 501(c)(3)non-profit DBA The Muckrakers.

The Muckrakers – Raking through the muck to find the good.

The Muckrakers are a group of diverse minded individuals focused on freedom, liberty, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness. Through our message, we sift through the muck (the mind blowing, outrageous, and shocking news and events) in our daily lives and filter a message of truth, understanding, and meaning. Our goal is, through discussion, to examine the real problems so that we can identify real solutions. We conclude with words of encouragement and strength.

At Muckrakers we want to inform, educate, and get our viewers energized to take action.

Our Board Members:

Justin Loop: Chairman, President, CEO

Heather Loop: Treasurer and Secretary

Cyndie Phillips: Director of Outreach

Dawn Bednarz: Director of Investigations

Paul Gregory: Director of Media Operations

Sunday Shibley: Director of Communications

Ales Soudek: Director of Research

Contact us: themuckrakers.org@gmail.com

To stay up-to-date on our latest podcasts you can find us on: 

Buzzsprout https://themuckrakers.buzzsprout.com 

Rumble  https://rumble.com/c/Muckrakers