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The Year is 2015 and the United States of America is voting for the next president in November. By November, the two front runner presidential candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Interestingly, Mr. Trump (at the time) was the serious underdog. Had been the underdog for the entire race, whether it be for the republican primaries or the actual presidency. Hillary had several scandals that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton machine were tirelessly trying to bury. For the most part, it worked. All the major newspapers and media outlets were on the side of the DNC. Any information regarding the details of the Benghazi fiasco were barely touched by the main stream media (read more about it here; Clinton’s private email server, which was against the Federal Records Act, that allegedly had backdoor deals, was thoroughly scrubbed had very little coverage (; the Clinton foundation was accepting money from foreign agents while Hillary was Secretary of State, which is a clear conflict of interest ( ; and, there is the rumor and actual possibility that Vince Foster was murdered, which looked like a suicide, because he knew some inside information about the Clintons ( What is interesting about this is that the Clinton’s clearly had some baggage to be discussed amongst the ranks of the Mainstream Media. However, and confusingly, they opted to discuss the life of Mr. Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump, as has was known back in those days, had a few bumps in the road to the presidency. He was caught on hot mic discussing how women fall all over him and that he could touch them basically anywhere ( – not the best moment for a presidential candidate. At times, he would throw a wise crack at an opponent, replay tersely, or seem disrespectful. One might think that Mr. Trump is a little rough around the edges to be president. With that, when compared to his presidential opponent, who was directly involved with the death of Americans in Benghazi and specifically stated “what difference does it make” when asked about it in front of a committee, it would seem that Mr. Trump should be the shoe in.

The fact that Hillary Clinton had some pretty serious scandals going on and wasn’t really getting the attention it deserved should have been a red flag to voters. The fact the Hillary Clinton was able to make it as an actual presidential candidate should have raised a lot of eyebrows. The test below will highlight more red flags the Americans are either flat our ignoring for whatever reason or are so blown away that the shock factor is causing them to be in utter shock.

The very idea that the United States agencies can be used to target American citizens should be mind boggling. This is the very first red flag indication to the American people that the federal government has crossed a boundary it should not have.

President Trump was barely in office before democrat pundits and media outlets were looking to undermine and oust him. Again, this should have been a red flag. Trump hadn’t had time to do much of anything, yet there were talks of getting him out of office.

  • October 2016, the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Director of National Intelligence issues a joint statement of Russian interference in the election.

The above statement in of itself is obviously possible. However, the Washington insiders put all of its focused, blindly, on President Trump. So many of the media outlets, so many of the democrats, and quite a few of the establishment republicans (now called RINOs), hedged their bets that President Trump had colluded with Russia regardless of the fact that President Trump was making some progress on his Making America Great Again philosophy, albeit. The idea that the Mainstream Media and establishment were putting all the focus on incapacitating the President of the United Stated should have been another red flag. On that note:

  • The Democrats spent $25 million of taxpayer money to dig up dirt on President Trump.

The idea that an agency can point to a person, regardless of position, and then find a crime should raise serious concerns. Robert Mueller was tasked to find the crime of Trump’s campaign colluding with the Russians. Mueller spent two years looking into anything and everything only to come up with nothing. When Mueller’s team was being investigated afterwards, all cell phones were erased, and any information regarding the investigation vanished. This, again, should be a HUGE red flag.

  • Later in Trump’s presidency, Nancy Pelosi and fellow democrats decide to impeach him based on a supposed Quid Pro Quo when, in actuality, President Trump was trying to get to the bottom of another issue regarding Joe Biden.

A huge red flag moment should have been when a federal agent framed a statement from Donald Trump to Ukraine’s leader in a way that seemed like Donald Trump was asking for Quid Pro Quo. It turns out that President Trump’s questions were perfectly legitimist and that the agent was trying to frame Trump.

  • Big Tech overreach

Yet another red flag people should be concerned about is the amount of overreach that Big Tech, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and even Twitter has. The fact that these companies can bury stories, wipe out profiles, push narratives, and perform research on its customers should really boil some blood. Interestingly, it doesn’t. It continues not to. For some reason, people will put some level of trust into words on a screen rather than an actual person. A person will give up his or her information to Facebook with no qualms; but if I ask for the same information in a person to person conversation, I won’t get it. The interesting thing is that if a person has some information from another person, it usually only stays with that person. If Facebook has information on a person, they will share it to make money. This should be a mammoth red flag.

In 2019, President Trump stated, nationally, that there is a virus outbreak in China and that the United States is working with China to control the spread. Nancy Pelosi decided that she would rather make a statement by tearing up the speech rather than actually look at what is going on. President Trump, in the coming months, tried to mitigate against the spread coming to the United States using a variety of techniques. Instead of helping Trump, the democrats decided to mock him and opposed him as much as possible (

Furthermore, as the virus began infiltrating the United States, President Trump was looking for various solutions leaning on the professionals such as Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci, of course, has been flip flopping on a variety of issues such as wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, lockdowns, how infectious the virus was, and others. Additionally, President Trump brought up the idea of using hydroxychloroquine or other technology to help, only to be ridiculed by the Mainstream Media. The main point is that when President Trump has either warned or provided some sort of solution, he is belittled. The red flag here is that here is a sitting president, leaning on professionals, listing to professionals, taking their advice, and then discussing it with the American public only for the Mainstream Media outlets to discount what he is saying.

On that note, President Trump gave the states the authority to do what they felt was needed to handle their population during this pandemic. New York and California decided that a hard lock down was required to protect their people while other states such as Florida and South Dakota had very little lock down requirements. Michigan’s governor decided to lock her state down while deciding that her own lock down rules didn’t apply to her (Governor Whitmer Becomes Latest Authority Figure to Flagrantly Violate Her Own COVID Rules – Summit News). In fact, the same can be said about Governor Newson of California (Gov. Newsom Caught Partying While Telling California To Restrict Family Thanksgiving Celebrations – News Punch and Newsom Caught Eating Indoors at Closed Restaurant Even Though Indoor Dining is Not Allowed (

The Red Flag here is that President Trump is trying to help Americans by coming up with solutions like getting the USNS Comfort to the New York shore lines ( to help with the medical needs that New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York Governor Cuomo were concerned about. President Trump supplied more than enough medical supplies (Trump Says New York Has Received 4M N95 Respirators, 1.8M Surgical Masks, 460K Face Shields, 1.4M Gloves and 4,400 Ventilators ( Yet, Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo, and other democrat leaders have made terrible decisions but get off scot-free. This, again, should be a tremendous red flag.

  • 2020 Presidential Run – President Donald Trump

President Trump held rallies with huge crowds. His online viewership was through the roof. In contrast, Joe Biden had more of a get together. President Trump was asked hard questions while Biden was given soft balls; it almost seemed like Biden was given the questions beforehand in some cases. President Trump was working long hours while Biden was calling a lid for the day at noon. On several of the conference calls Biden makes statements like “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” (Biden: If You Don’t Vote for Me, ‘You Ain’t Black’ – YouTube). That should be a HUGE red flag. If President Trump said this, the world would end (figuratively speaking). Instead, the media has to twist Trump’s words to fit a narrative. Biden actually fits the narrative that the Media is purporting.

November comes and it is time to vote. Previously, Bernie Sanders, and twice failed presidential candidate and devout socialist who has openly stated his appreciation of communist dictators ( claimed that Trump would win at first, but all of the mail in votes would start coming in giving the win to Biden. Interestingly, yet statistically improbable, Sanders turned out to be correct. The only problem is that the votes coming in at these late hours seem to make most people question the validity of the votes being counted. But before that, Fox News called Arizona before the votes had all been counted; supposedly it was a comfortable margin. Regardless, the entire voting apparatus in what would be key areas seemed very strange. It was strange enough for many people to call for an audit. This, really is the red flag. The red flag is when the press, the RINOs, and the democrats are telling the public that this was the most secure election in history. Why this is a red flag is because only a couple of years earlier, many democrats were questioning the integrity of the election. Here lies the United States of America in 2021 with a Democrat led house, 50/50 Senate with a Vice President that can break any tie (minus the filibuster), and Democrat President who has questionable cognitive decline whose right hand is a far left Vice President. When questioning the latest election, the press now calls it the big lie and is trying to squash any attempt to audit. The fact that the press not only has decided not to cover such an important part of our democracy, but instead obfuscates the claim by calling it “The Big Lie” should tell people that the Mainstream Media is not working for the people anymore. Thus, this is a big red flag.

As I write this, there are audits that seem to be finding voter fraud ( and EXCLUSIVE: USB DRIVES Were Suspiciously Stolen, Transferred and Inserted Into Voting Systems Used in Swing States in 2020 Election ( Whether anybody is finding fraud or not, the ability to audit an election is a necessity for quality control. Auditing is a quality control process required for maintaining a dependable and trustworthy system. The democrats are doing everything in their power to prevent an audit. A HUGE red flag.

  • January 6, 2021 – President Trump holds a rally in Washington; it gets a little out of control.

President Trump held a rally in Washington DC. What is interesting is that there seemed to be minimal security at the capitol that day. Additionally, there were no guns. Supposedly there were pipe bombs found (Capitol riot: Pipe bombs found on January 6 were placed the night before, FBI says – CNNPolitics) near the Democratic and Republican party headquarters. Nobody knows who really put them there in the first place. For all intents and purposes, it could have been somebody trying to sabotage the Trump rally so that the Mainstream Media would have a story to cover. The fact is that security was light, there were some agitators, others in the crowd lost some control, and the capitol was breeched. One of the protestors who was causing a ruckus was shot and killed as she was climbing though the broken windowpane of a door.

Looking at this from a bird’s eye view, this looked like a protest that went sideways meant to scare congress into doing the people’s will – in their opinion. If the people there really wanted to cause some damage, they could have. Ultimately, minimal damage was caused.

However, the Democrats and their cohorts, the Mainstream Media, have labeled this an insurrection, despite the FBI saying that it wasn’t ( The good news here is that the FBI is being honest in the definition of what an insurrection is versus Biden’s “Justice” department. The bad news is that Biden’s “Justice” Department does not know what an insurrection is. If this is not a red flag, I don’t know what is. What’s more is that some of these people were, or are, being held hostage and confined to a cell for 22 to 23 hours a day. Americans have the right to a speedy trial. This is against our American values, no matter what they have done. They are being treated like prisoners of a third world (Capitol Injustice: January 6 Rioters Held in Solitary Confinement | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics). This should be the flag that gets you motivated to become an active participant in politics and our government.

In conclusion, Americans have been incredibly complacent. This complacency has caused our government, especially our federal government, but also some state and local governments, to become tyrannical. I have listed more than enough red flags to illustrate the point that we need to be involved. There are many many more examples that can be provided. At that point, I would be writing a book.

If you are looking to get involved, please contact The Muckrakers at

I know this was extraordinarily long; thank you for visiting and reading.

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