The Importance of Getting Involved

For those of us that work and/or raise our children, our daily life is pretty full. Many of us will work 40+ hours a week, come home, help the kids with the homework, take them to various activities, cook dinner, feed the dog, clean up the cat puke, then freshen the kitty litter (because the puke reminded you that you have a cat), help the kids with bedtime routine, and so on and so forth. For those who decide to stay home during the week and take care of the family business, that too is an incredibly important job. 

Even the weekends are busy. The kids have some sport event they are competing in, the lawn needs to be mowed, the home needs some repair, there are chores that need to be completed, maybe you are cooking for the week ahead, maybe you have friends that come over, and quite frankly you would like to rest from the week before. 

Thus, those productive members of society tend to be extremely busy. Asking to do a little more is really asking a lot, especially if it involves politics or community. Besides, the idea is that we vote, every so often, for somebody way more interested in this stuff than we are, and we should be able to trust that they can make those decisions for us (or we just don’t care because how can they affect us anyway). Right???? 


Unfortunately, the aforementioned assumption is wrong. What has happened is that many of us busy folk have focused so much on our career, our families, and ultimately our tiny sphere of influence that we allowed some bad actors to get elected to offices of real power. Decades later, we are standing in front of school boards yelling at them for considering segregating our schools and teaching material having nothing to do with Math, Science, English, Music, or even Art. 

The United States can no longer afford to have a silent majority. It is going to take more than a vote. It is going to take more than watching TV or watching videos online. It is going to require everybody to come out of their homes and get out of their comfort zones to visit the city and county meetings. Pay attention to what is going on at the state and federal level. Join and embrace groups of like-minded individuals so that your megaphone can become bigger. Don’t be afraid to talk politics with your neighbors; and don’t be disrespectful to people who have different opinions than you. Diversity of thought is our strength here in the United States. Let ideas be shared so that the best ones prevail. 

Get involved so that you can be a part of the conversation. This is the way to bring up issues that are important to you and your family. The chances are that you are not the only person who has the concerns. Everybody has talent in some form or fashion; coming together allows us to be stronger. We can produce the society we want to live in. 

The bottom line is that you can’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe. You also can’t say that what is going on in the political world isn’t affecting you, because it is. A notable example of something that people didn’t think would affect them was a political deal called NAFTA. NAFTA opened the door to manufacturing jobs to be relocated to other countries. The “progressive” party (which is very regressive in thinking) whine that jobs don’t pay enough. Well, if people were paying attention to the deals that Washington politicians were making, they would have risen and demanded the NAFTA program to be cancelled. The US would have maintained good manufacturing jobs. There is a little more to the story, but in essence, the people of the United States need to be informed and get involved so that bad deals like this don’t destroy our country. 


The easiest way to get involved is to reach a local party chair. Additionally, you can view certain groups of like interest on Facebook. Get involved with The Muckrakers; we are always looking for citizen journalists, people who want to raise issues, a team of strategists, and get involved in spreading the truth. Attend city and county council and board meetings. Each independent school district has a board meeting. Be part of the Parent Teacher Association. Consider running for something. If you feel like you want to run but don’t know where to start, get in touch with us. We will make sure you are taken care of.  

Also, reach out to your state representative(s), both at the state and national level. Reach out to your senator(s), also at the state and national level. 

Go online and see what the house and senate are doing. Are the agenda items things that you agree or disagree? Don’t allow laws to be made that hinder progress. Push for laws that protect and encourage us to grow and be fruitful. 

One thing to understand is that everything needs fuel to consume, regardless of any political philosophy. It is the way of life, no matter how one sees it. The fact is, politics is not a typical job. It requires fund raising. It requires money to get the ads; to feed and house the members; to book events and locations; and a whole lot more. If you find that you cannot donate time, then consider donating money so that the person or people you feel do represent you can gain the traction they need.  


The best place to start is at the local level. Our time is limited (with daily schedule as well as life in general) so get involved in areas that you have the most interest and/or knowledge. Attend a local PAC meeting. Become a member of an organization. Network with other like-minded individuals.  


There is no better time than now. People who are promoting bad ideas and bad policies are at the helm of the USS America and they are actually steering towards the huge iceberg with all of us on board. You may think “I am just a … (whatever)” – and I am going to say no, you are not just an anything… You are an American with a powerful voice and rights that are not necessarily granted to those born in other countries. Get involved now.   


You may be thinking right now “I am only one voice.” The important thing you need to realize is that you, as an American, unlike any other country on earth, actually have a voice. Your voice is very powerful in fact. The key is to be truthful, honest, persistent, and consistent.  

Thank you for your attention. The Muckrakers are always looking for citizen journalists. It is incredibly important that we all focus on what is right, just, and real. 

All the best to you, 

The Muckrakers 

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