The Pandemic Response is Wearing


A True Story by The Muckrakers

The story below describes actual events described by a whistle blower who works in a very prominent hospital within the Conroe, Texas hospital system. The names of the hospital and individuals involved have been either removed or changed to protect them from repercussions.

It was mid to late 2021 and the pandemic has been in full swing for over a year now. Janice Matthews, a registered nurse, works at a hospital in Conroe, Texas. She has worked at this particular hospital for several years now. When the muckrakers spoke with her a few days ago, she was tired, stressed, and really just exhausted. As she reminisced about the better days before the pandemic, I couldn’t help noticing how sunken in her eyes looked and the darkness under her eyes despite the makeup she put on trying to cover her physical fatigue.

Janice reluctantly moved the conversation into her current situation, focusing on the choice she had been given by her employer. The choices were 1) get the injection, or 2) get a medical or religious exemption which would result in routinely getting tested for the coronavirus, and 3) “voluntarily” resign.

Option 1

When reading this, one might think option 1 is the best choice. However, considering that the United States is supposed to be the land of free choice, Janice felt like these were not very good choices. Where was the choice to just say “no thanks?” From here, we pivoted to two other important topics.

The first subject she brought up was that vaccines take many many years to develop, test, and perfect. This particular “vaccine” seemed very rushed, in her professional medical opinion. Janice brought up the following questions “where is the data to shows effectiveness? And where is the data to show side effects and what percentage of a given test group are affected by these side effects?”

She then transitioned into the Thalidomide disaster from back in the 1950s. Thalidomide was a “treatment” given to women to help with nausea as a result of pregnancy, otherwise known as “morning sickness.” This particular drug was not rigorously tested as it should have been. What was to come was a nightmare. Children were born severely deformed. The drug was ultimately banned from many countries. However, the manufacturer still found a use for it in treating leprosy.

In bringing up this concern, it makes sense that a person might have second guesses as to take a drug so quickly manufactured but not thoroughly tested.

Option 2

Getting a medical exemption meant that a person would need to obtain written notice from a doctor that clearly justified the reasoning of not getting inoculated. During this time of the pandemic, the majority of doctors, for one reason or another, did not want to put their name to any document that went against the current doctrine. Doctors that did speak out against the Covid-19 shot were quickly targeted for some level of disciplinary action, whether it be getting fired, losing their medical license, losing access to resources, or all of the above. Therefore, doctors became fearful of signing off exemptions.

A religious exemption meant that an employee would need to seek out a pastor or other religious leader to write a letter to the company citing specific reasons for an exemption. Earlier in the year, it was found out that fetal tissue was used in the development of the Coronavirus serums. This, along with the constitutional protections of the United States, was reason enough for pastors to oblige.

Even after submitting the request for an exemption did not mean that a person was granted the exemption. In many cases, the exemptions were denied. This would result in a person choosing to pick either option 1 or option 3.

Option 3

The third option was to “voluntarily resign,” which really meant “you are not doing what we are telling you, so you are fired.” This, could in fact, be labeled as corporate fascism. The very idea that a corporation has the power to dictate whether a person should inject something into their body or otherwise face this level of consequences should be alarming. “Full compliance or you’re out” approach is indicative of a gang like mentality.

The Decision

Late October 2021 –

Janice opted for the religious exemption. She was confident in her skills, experience, and education as a medical professional that she was making the right choice. With that, she also knows that there are no guarantees in life. Life has risks; one must know how to assess risk and make the right choice, particularly for oneself, but also with one’s family in mind.

This choice did not come without some consequences. Upon submitting the exemption letter, certain attitudes towards her became sour instantly making her work environment toxic. She also had to be tested periodically using a nose swab. As time passed, the job became more daunting, more toxic, more demanding, and less appreciative. She wondered how nurses and doctors, who were effectively heroes at the beginning of this pandemic, were now being treated with such disregard and such disrespect. “There is definitely a divide at work” she said. “Those with the shot and those without. What’s more, many medical workers have ‘voluntarily resigned’ which makes it harder because not only do I need to do my work, I have to do the work of those who left.”

The Test

After a couple of months of the new routine and getting acquainted with this new toxic environment that the hospital administrators have set into place by inadvertently separating employees into their factions – those with the shot and those without. Janice was arriving at the hospital for her day’s shift when she received a message that she needed to perform her routine test before she started. She was a little late and therefore was already rushing. She had parked on the side of the hospital near the ward she worked, which just happened to be on the opposite side of the hospital where the tests were being administered. This test was going to make her late for her shift. Frantic, she moved like the wind to the testing site. Approaching the door, she fumbled around to get her mask and other required PPE on.

Good news! There was no line. One of the test facilitators looked up from her phone moved lethargically to intercept Janice. After a quick exchange of words, the facilitator provided Janice a nose swab within a container, a typical test instrument for determining if a person has Covid-19. The facilitator nonchalantly started fiddling with her smart phone again as if she was playing a game or texting as Janice pulled the swab from the container and stuck the nose swab inside her mask seemingly to get a sample of biomaterial from Janice’s being. Concerned about her tardiness, Janice swabbed around both sides her nose. The nose swab procedure states to circle the inside of both nostrils five times. Janice said that she swabbed the general vicinity of the nose just to get the test completed quickly. At this point, she was fairly tired of all the nonsense. Janice was able to start her shift as she normally would, albeit a little late. Janice has rarely ever been late, and she hardly ever took time off for sickness.

The Conclusion

A day or so later, Janice received an email indicating that her test results for the nose swab she did came back as non-conclusive. She scratched her head for a moment; but then addressed this result with her management. They responded by telling her “Don’t worry about it, keep working your shifts, and just keep the email as a reference.” This is when Janice knew that all of this was rubbish. In a typical medical setting, a non-conclusive test result would mean more tests. With the lack of communication, lack of transparency, nonchalant behavior, the toxicity of shot vs no-shot, and the constant testing, it all dawned on Janice that it this whole rigmarole is rubbish.

In the recent years, the CDC has taken upon itself to demand our medical personnel, the modern-day heroes, to perform duties from which the consequences can and may be severe to the patients they try to help. If a medical professional raises objection to providing a specific treatment protocol because he/she needs more information, that person should be treated with the utmost respect. Instead, since 2021, medical professionals have been forced to follow CDC guidelines regardless of any concerns. This is why a Convention of States needs to happen. Government entities, particularly those managed by the federal government, have become incredibly powerful. If a doctor raises a question about a particular treatment, he or she is demonized; the entire weight of the federal government goes after them. The possibility of losing his or her practice license is at stake as well as going bankrupt due to the legal challenges the federal government imposes. We have got to take away the immense power of the government. Remember, it is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

If you want to be part of the movement, please join Convention of States. If you have a story you want to get out to the public, please email

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